Our Services

ECO Middle East Engineering Services LLC has experts of Electrical, Mechanical, and Structural expertise senior inspectors who are well known and have a good reputation in the field of amusement parks worldwide. Our inspectors support the amusement parks executives with a wide range of safety and quality services and acting in conformity with the international European standards EN, American standards ASTM, and the local regulations of Dubai EIAC-Req.

We are a Level I Inspection Body (IB-068) accredited by EIAC – Emirates International Accreditation Center and operate in the scope of Fairground and Amusement Equipment’s inspection as a third-party inspection body in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020 and EIAC-REQ.

ECO ME provides services for amusement and water park operators with all necessary inspections and assessments to help them achieve maximum safety in accordance with Local and International standard requirements.

ECO ME competence ensures the safety of Water parks and Amusement parks for new and existing rides, devices, and equipment.  The safety of playground equipment and installations for public or domestic use is governed by stringent local and international standards and guidelines.

We are conducting an Inspection for Initial Approval of Amusement consisting of Design Review, Inspection of Manufacturing Process, Initial Inspection, and Independent Inspection.

We work in accordance with Local and International Standards:


Design and calculation review, verification, examinations, and tests executed before a ride is first made available for public use.

  • Design Review

see of EN 13814 clause 4 of ISO 17842 part 3 and clauses 6 of ASTM F2974) which consists of documents check and review of the full project;

  • Manufacturing Review

(see of EN 13814, ISO 17842 part 3 clause 4.1.3 or clause 7 of ASTM 2974) – which consists on checking the ride during its construction and making sure that the manufacturing process is happening according to the already approved Design Review;

  • Initial Inspection

(see of EN 13814, ISO 17842 part 3 clause or clause 8 of ASTM 2974) – which consists on tests and checks on the ride before its shipment from the factory and performed to make sure it is working according to the Standards.


ECO ME conducts the inspection and testing to ensure that the rides, devices, and equipment’s are safe for public use.


(as referred to “Independent Examination” in the EN 13814 or “Periodical Test” in the ISO 17842 under the in-service inspection”): procedures and investigations necessary for the independent Inspection Body (IB) to decide whether the amusement ride/device is in such a condition that it can continue to be operated safely, or whether it requires defects to be remedied immediately or within a specified time.

Factory Acceptance Test – FAT

ECO ME is carrying out the test and inspection to make sure that the devices are in compliance with the standards before shipping.

Site Acceptance Test – SAT

SAT is specially created for manufacturers, owners, operators having their rides outside Dubai, United Arab Emirates.